Meet Trip,
your AI-powered travel assistant

The travel assistant you've always wanted

  • Understands your work and personal schedule

  • Prioritizes your favorite airlines and hotels

  • Earns you points and status with your preferred airlines and hotels

  • Notifies you of flight cancellations and re-books for you

  • Provides 5% cashback on every booking

Simply email or text Trip - no app or software download required

  • +1 571-310-1294

"I am visiting a client from Monday through Friday at 123 Main Street, Boston, MA. Please find me flights and a hotel."

"I want to arrive in downtown Seattle on Tuesday morning and leave by Wednesday at 4pm. I prefer flying from IAD and no red-eye flights."

"Please suggest good hotel options within walking distance from the W at Union Square, NY. I prefer Hilton."

Simple Pricing

$9 Per month
$108 $49 (55% off)
  • 5% cashback on every booking
  • 24 / 7 customer support
  • Continue to earn your hotel points and status rewards
  • Notifications for flight changes and cancellations
  • Hold most fares for 24 hours
  • Expensify and Tripit integration
Corporate Pricing


I typed my email just like I was writing to a friend. Gallop gave me 2-3 options each time that were tailored to my preferences. Huge time saver!!

Miyoko McBee Consultant, Blu Ventures

Gallop is able to provide me with flight and hotel options that fit my airline/hotel preferences and schedule, much like a personal assistant would.

Jaime Robinson Manager, Uzio

Gallop saved me hours in travel planning while staying within my company's travel policy. It knows my preferences and it's as simple as writing an email → Get Options → Select → Fly!

Robin Sighvi Director, Welltok
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